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Bodhi is a Prenda Partnered Micro School. ​​

Guide Code 348118

The BODHI Community K-12 is proud to offer The Bodhi Micro School, a Prenda Partner, to offer educational opportunities for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade with a class size cap of 10 students.  


Families have the flexibility to opt into a 4-hour block schedule from either a year-round calendar or a traditional academic calendar.

Further enrich your Micro School curriculum by adding BODHI clubs. 

Tutoring is an approved ESA expense. Contact a BODHI administrator to see how you can have your child's tutoring needs met and paid for, regardless of whether your child is a Bodhi student or not. 

Micro School K8

What is a Micro School & Why BODHI Chooses Prenda

A Micro School is a miniature classroom that hosts multiple grades and typically does not exceed 15 students per class. Students own their learning, under the tutelage of a Guide, track their acquisition of knowledge and progression through their curriculum. BODHI and Prenda focus on Autonomy and Responsibility. We emphasize a caring and supportive learning environment to help students take control of their education with the collaboration from Guides, parents, and families. At BODHI’s Prenda-Partnered Micro School, we employ positive, nurturing and passionate educators as Prenda Guides.

The Arizona Department of Education funds Empowerment Scholarship. You can pay for your Homeschool and Micro School with your Financial Aid Award. Speak with a BODHI Admissions Advisor for more information and/or assistance.

Tuition Information 

Micro School Tuition is $7,000 per year. Please login to Prenda and follow the steps to register your student. 


Students can expand their curriculum by joining BODHI clubs to create a well-rounded curriculum of their choosing.  All BODHI Clubs are 50% off for Micro School Students.

The ESA Empowerment Scholarship can help pay the tuition. Apply to see what you are awarded. If you have any questions, please contact us.  We are available and happy to assist!

BODHI Community Micro School K8

Elementary Classroom



4 Modes of Thematic Learning





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