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Empowerment Scholarship

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) funds the Empowerment Scholarship (ESA Scholarship). 

Click HERE for the ADE ESA Website. 

ESA Handbook English 

ESA Handbook Spanish 

New ESA Parent Information May 2023

ESA Help Line (602) 364-1969

ClassWallet (877) 969-5536

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Homeschool, Micro School, and Tutoring are approved ESA expenses. 

Tuition can be paid with Empowerment Scholarship funds. Apply for the ESA Empowerment Scholarship to see what you are awarded.

Awards are disbursed quarterly.  Please be aware that there is a fee that is deducted from the quarterly award when you pay through tuition.


Reimbursement has a quick turnaround time, and no fee is charged. It is fastest to be reimbursed.

The Universal Empowerment Scholarship is funded by the Arizona Department of Education. 

When applying, you will need the following items to complete the ESA application:
           1. A copy of the student's birth certificate
          2. A copy of your proof of Arizona residency, i.e. a bill, a bank statement, etc., that matches exactly the name and address on the                                                application
ESA will send you via email a notification that you have completed the application or if there are errors that need to be corrected.

When your application is deemed complete, ESA will email (approximately 2 weeks) a contract that you must sign and submit within 30 days.  Once you return the signed contract, you will receive a ClassWallet account.  The ClassWallet account is where funds are deposited quarterly for use towards your child's tuition, tutoring, and/or other allowable educational expenses.  ClassWallet is used to "Pay Vendor" and for other applicable financial services related to ESA

Please note that ClassWallet charges a fee (between $40-$50 per transaction that is automatically deducted from your disbursement) when you select to pay tuition with "Pay Vendor" in the ClassWallet portal.  Parents and/or guardians bear the responsibility of paying the difference between the cost of the tuition and what ESA pays.

We recommend that our BODHI families avoid the Pay Vendor Processing Fees, and the ClassWallet delays with Pay Vendor, by paying the tuition out of pocket and then choosing the Reimbursement option in ClassWallet which does not deduct any fees and is directly deposited into your bank account without delays.

ESA releases the funds within the first few days of each quarter.

See BODHI's ESA Information Page. 

ESA Phone Number

(602) 364-1969


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