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Watch your child grow with us!

BODHI Community K-12 understands the importance of providing quality education to students without compromising the quality and quantity of family time and family values.


Bodhi Homeschool endeavors to meet the educational needs of all families. 

Students enrolled in Bodhi Homeschool can choose from designated 4-hour time slots,  that fit with their social and familial obligations under the supervision of a Bodhi Guide.  The Internet Café is open for independent homeschooled students at designated drop-in times.


Tuition $7,000 

Students are physically onsite, in a classroom with a teacher, but follow their own individualized course of study at their own pace..

Tuition for Year-Round or Standard Academic Calendar is $7,000.00 per year plus a one-time administrative fee. 


Tuition $7,000 

Speak with an administrator to create a schedule that will work best for when your student is physically on campus and when they attend class virtually.

Tuition for Year-Round or Standard Academic Calendar is $7,000.00 per year, plus a one-time administrative fee. 

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Tuition $7,000 

Students attend class with a live teacher via Google Classroom or Zoom at the specified time.

Tuition for Year-Round or Standard Academic Calendar is $7,000.00 per year, plus a one-time administrative fee. 



Week $40

Month $145

Year $1,600

Self-paced and parent-guided.

Parents have unlimited access to BODHI resources with optional add-ons for bi-weekly or monthly check-ins via Zoom. 

It is our privilege to have you as a member of our BODHI Family.

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Individualized Schedule

Select either a year-round or standard academic calendar. Choose up to 3 BODHI clubs as part of your personalized Homeschool curriculum. To see the class capacity and register, go to your My Kids Hub student account by clicking on the following link:

BODHI with My Kids Hub

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Check your state's department of education for information on the universal scholarships. 

BODHI Scholarship Page 

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Diploma / Promotion Certificates

High school Diplomas (12th grade) and Promotion certificates (K - 11th) are signed by a Parent & a BODHI Community staff member.


  • Zoom Meetings $15

  • Add a Virtual Class per semester $300. Each additional sibling is $275.

  • Add an in-person class per semester for $875. Each additional sibling is $675.

  • Dual College Credits per class per semester $300

  • See the Tutoring Link for available dates and prices

Additional Support Options 

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Get in touch

Application Information


   Parents are required to sign and

             submit a Homeschool Affidavit to AZ Dept. of Education

Application Documents 

 Birth Certificate 

Immunization Record or 

an Exemption Form

Residency verification 

Legal and Medical Information 

(if applicable)

Dual Enrollment Credits


Students may earn college credits, while in High School, through BODHI’s Dual Enrollment program with our higher ed partner. 

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