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Art Class

Job Application

Join us and inspire students at BODHI Community K12. 

We are looking for passionate teachers and tutors to join our team.  Decisions will be made during the second half of July and the beginning of August depending on enrollment. 

Thanks for submitting!




$33.14 per hour

Part-Time 10 months contract $28,500.

Full-Time 10 month contract $57,000. 


$33.14 per hour


Most of the BODHI positions are through subcontracting. Teachers and Tutors will receive a 1099 at the conclusion of the calendar year. 


For subcontracted individuals, we do not offer medical, dental or vision. Employees are offered medical, dental and vision. 


BODHI Community K12 requires the following:

  • IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card

  • Federal Background Check

  • Drug Test 

  • MVD Background Check

  • References of the last 3 Employers. 

  • Teaching Certificate

  • Masters, Bachelor's or PhD

  • Work experience may count towards requirements

Employment-at-Will & Right-to-Work

We follow AZ Employment-at-Will & Right-to-Work Laws. Please check out The Arizona Department of Administration of Human Resources for more information. 

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