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My Story

Jessica Seng, daughter of former refugees, is a writer, teacher, and producer hailing from Tucson, Arizona. Her personal background along with her background as a first generation college graduate from Stanford University, where she graduated with double honors, made her passionate about access to education and infusing it with care. When she’s not working on her creative pursuits as a storyteller–producing television, podcasts, and writing–she is educating and helping students hone their essays. Jessica has helped co-lead and teach classes such as Frosh 101 at Stanford University, where she also served as a peer mentor for the Creative Writing Program and the Science, Technology, and Society Department. She has multiple years of experience helping students write and edit college and scholarship applications. Her collaborators have been accepted at universities such as Stanford, Cornell, UVA, Brown, UCLA, Duke, Johns Hopkins, University of Arizona, Georgetown, Marquette, London School of Economics, and many more.

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